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Ensuring your nursing education programs meet standards of excellence

Preparing for Accreditation

Accreditation should be a top priority for nursing programs. The process of collecting, analyzing, reporting, and discussing the information needed in the self-study document must be consistent with the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education’s (CCNE) and/or the Accreditation Commission on Education in Nursing’s (ACEN) requirements for continuous quality improvement, and your selected professional standards and guidelines. The professionals at Nursing Education Consultants will assure that your self-study document has the narrative placed appropriately, and that your examples demonstrate compliance with the correct standard and element.

Determining if your program’s mission, goals, and expected aggregate student and faculty outcomes are congruent with those of the parent institution while considering the needs of your community of interest is a critical step in your accreditation. Our consultants can act as a dispassionate second set of ‘eyes’, offering insights that can set your nursing program on a path to a successful accreditation site visit.

Further, we will guide you in organizing your Resource Room so that team members can easily find the documents needed to confirm what you have written in your self-study document, and will show you how to best highlight information in those documents so they are not on a “frustrating fishing expedition.”  We can offer years of experience in the organization of properly indexed hard-copies and digital versions by standard and key element.

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