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The scholarship of teaching, discovery, integration and application

Faculty Development

Many faculty members have had no formal education courses or do not know what is expected of them when they choose an academic career.  Outcomes in teaching, research/scholarship, service, and practice are commonplace, and ongoing professional development in these areas is critical to the success of faculty members at every step of their career. The experts at Nursing Education Consultants will work with faculty on an individual basis, as well as in groups, to assure professional development needs are met and your mission and goals are achieved.

We design and conduct programs that focus on your specific faculty development needs, including:

  • Innovative pedagogical methods

  • Innovative curriculum design and evaluation

  • Approaches to the evaluation of student performance

  • Solutions for dealing with difficult students

  • Integrating preceptors and adjunct faculty into your school

  • Evaluating faculty and preceptor performance

  • Interdisciplinary education

  • Faculty practice

  • Developing a program of research and scholarship

  • Developing a comprehensive evaluation plan that is consistent with accreditation standards

  • Preparing for a successful tenure decision

  • Preparing for accreditation

  • Creating a supportive work environment

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